Boarding, Daycare Bootcamp and More

Pet Sitting, Daycare and Doggy Boot Camp are all in the Comfort of a Trainers Home,

with access to Indoors and Outdoors as they please, Heating and Airconditioning, Comfy Beds and Lounges,  

Home Cooked Meals and the company of our Dogs and our Families, it is simply the Best you can Offer

your Pet if your going away on Holidays, a Daily Outing, a Fun Play Day, or you need our Doggy Boot Camp to fix your Dogs Training or Behaviour issues.  We Offer Free Doggy Makeover and Pickup/Delivery Service to most areas of 

NSW Central Coast for Pet Sitting and Doggy Boot Camp 14 days or more. 

  Taking Care of your pet


is something we take very seriously, as we only take "one dog" or "one Family of dogs" at a time, per Trainers home, so that your Pet is getting the very best of Care in Our Homes.  Your Pet will be Treated the same as they are in Your Home, with access to Inside and Outside as they Please, with Comfy Lounges, Beds and Airconditioning and Heating.  Yummy Home Cooked Meals and Daily Grooming & Walks.


Our Pet Sitting Services in Our Homes are the Best you can get with constant one on one Cuddles and Pats.  They Live in

Our Home with Our Families and do what we do.

Our Pet Sitting is Available for Social Small to Medium Breeds and all breed puppies  up to 15kg Only, as they will have to Live with Our Families. We Cater for All Ages including Puppies,   A Current C5 Vaccination is Essential,

also Current Flea and Tick Treatments up to date


Prices are from $35  to $65 per dog per calender day -

depending on your dogs individual needs

and discounts may apply for a family of dogs. 


 Doggy Boot Camp

Doggy Bootcamp is a service we provide 

which our furry clients stay in the comfort &

safety of a trainers warm family home and are trained in obedience or behaviour problems

The stays are for 5 to 14 days depending on the

needs of  your individual dog. 

*  Free Pickup and Delivery Service for clients in Central Coast Areas and a Doggy Makeover - 

warm bath, blowdry, provided for all doggy bootcamp clients staying 14 days

*Doggy Boot Camp prices start from $45 per

calender day including boarding depending

on the dogs individual needs




Wyong and Gosford Shires

Central Coast New South Wales

T / 0414861650








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